Since 2016, our democracy has taken a beating. From the White House to the courts to the streets, so many norms and values that we took for granted have come under relentless attack from Trump and his cronies. Enabled by Trump’s ultra-right-wing Supreme Court nominees and their Shelby County ruling, voter suppression efforts have only intensified. Now, with Amy Coney Barrett’s illegitimate appointment looming, the court is poised to decide a contested election, and lurch even further into naked partisanship. And the sitting President and Vice-President of the United States have said repeatedly that they will not abide by the results of a free and fair election.

Our democracy can’t fight this battle by itself — this time it needs our help. Here’s how:

  • Before Election Day: We combat the GOP’s voter suppression efforts by getting out the vote so every person who can vote knows how they can get their ballot and exercise their right (with our allies New Florida Majority & If Not Now)
  • On Election Day: We make sure that everyone who wants to vote in person can by deescalating far-right intimidation at poll sites and giving voters water, food, and anything else they need to stay in line.
  • After Election Day: We mobilize into the streets to ensure that every vote is counted and the legitimacy of the election is upheld.

Here in New York, you can help us elect a super-majority of Democrats in the State Senate so we can win universal health, a Green New Deal, and so much more:

Whatever you can do, I hope you can join me in recommitting to doing all we can to defeat Trump and Trumpism over these next five weeks, and for as long as it takes until we win the transformational change we need.

P.S. If you’re voting in New York, don’t forget to #VoteWFP! Need help spreading the word about the Working Families Party? Take a look at our new The Jewish Vote #VoteWFP Social Media Toolkit, including some EXCELLENT gifs!