Tell The New York Times: Rescind Your Endorsement of Andrew Cuomo

As Jewish voters and allies, we call upon The New York Times to immediately withdraw and rescind their endorsement of Andrew Cuomo for re-election.

The shameful smear attacks on Cynthia Nixon and her family are beyond the pale — and The New York Times is complicit in those baseless attacks so long as it maintains its support for Governor Cuomo’s re-election effort. The history of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and bigotry in our state’s politics is all too real for The New York Times to maintain its endorsement of Andrew Cuomo, who it acknowledged is almost certainly behind these shameful attacks.

If The New York Times maintains its endorsement, it will signal to Cuomo there’s no serious price to be paid for engaging in this kind of hateful smear or trafficking in lies. They must withdraw and rescind their endorsement immediately, or explain why someone engaging in “the lowest form of politics,” as they themselves have termed it, is worthy of leading our state in the era of Trump.

Sign our open letter below: