Project Description

JFREJ’s 2024 Legislative Agenda includes the bills and budget demands we support and are working to pass, both in the New York State legislature, and in New York City. The Jewish Vote seeks out candidates who will champion this 2024 agenda throughout their campaigns, and once in office.

New York State:

We are working to pass:

  • Home Care Savings & Reinvestment Act (S.7800/A08470) (2-pager) – This act would cut managed long term care companies out of the provision of home care, returning home care management directly to the State. It will generate ~$3 billion in savings annually, which could be used to pay for growing home care needs, improve service quality, and ensure continuity of care by funding higher wages for home care workers to help resolve New York’s worst-in-the-nation home care worker shortage.
  • Fair Pay for Home Care Workers (S.3189A/A.8821) (New York Caring Majority Coalition) – raise home care wages to 150% of minimum wage, and make sure the money gets to workers and home care providers.


We support:

  • New York Health Act (S.7590/A.07897) (Campaign for New York Health) – a universal healthcare bill that would guarantee high quality, comprehensive healthcare for all New Yorkers.
  • Not On Our Dime! (A.6943/S.6992) (Campaign website) – This bill clarifies that it is illegal for NYS charities to fund any violations of the international treaties signed at Geneva on August 12, 1949. As such, it prohibits NY-based non-profit corporations from abusing their non-profit status to reinforce and further Israel’s illegal and inhumane settlement expansion.
  • New Deal for CUNY (S.02146A) – A transformative bill for CUNY that would remove all tuition and fees for students, mandate and fund adequate staffing ratios, increase adjunct faculty pay, fund the building maintenance, and build towards emissions-free campuses that run on renewable energy.
  • Housing (Housing Justice For All platform):
  • Raising Revenue by Taxing the Rich (Invest in Our New York – Revenue Agenda):
  • Criminal Justice (Justice Roadmap) – We support the entire slate of two dozen bills that: choose community safety over police power; stop criminalizing mental illness, people who use drugs, and workers; decarcerate jails and prisons and end perpetual punishment; protect the dignity and opportunity of incarcerated New Yorkers; and end wealth extraction, and support victims & survivors
  • Raising NY’s Minimum Wage (S.1978A/A.2204 & S.8154/A.9093) – (Raise Up NY)


We Oppose:

  • Any efforts to create more crimes, establish longer criminal sentences, or expand the number of New Yorkers incarcerated pre-trial (ex. S.7737and the governor’s proposal to expand hate crime eligible offenses in the budget)
  • Any efforts to restrict political speech, or criminalize protest (ex. A.8951A, A.8834, this anti-BDS bill from a previous session)
  • Interventions in the name of antisemitism or hate violence that are carceral: ones that increase the power or funding of the police or criminal legal system
  • Adding additional fentanyl analogs and xylazine to the New York State Controlled Substance list
  • “Bumping up” retail theft charges to a felony (in the governor’s budget proposal)
  • Hochul’s proposed $1B budget cuts to home care, in the 30-day amendments


New York City:

We support:

  • Eliminating shelter limits (Intro 1212-2023) – prohibiting NYC from imposing limits (like Eric Adams’s 30-day and 60-day limits) on the length of homeless New Yorkers’ shelter stays. 
  • Social housing – A capital budget demand: investment of $2 billion over the next four years into housing programs that will fund the construction and preservation of community-controlled affordable homes.
  • A redistributive city budget (in coalition with The People’s Plan)) – a city budget that fully funds our social services and public institutions, like schools, libraries, and parks, and divests from police and prisons.
  • Universal child care (Intro 941-2023)
  • Street vendor rights and supports (legislative package)