Project Description

The Jewish Vote endorsement processes begins in January 2022.

STEP ONE / Opening up an Endorsement Process: The Steering Committee of The Jewish Vote decides which races to consider for endorsements. Factors we consider include:

  • Do we have a base in the district?

  • Are allied organizations and movements also considering or actively organizing as part of this race?

  • Are there candidates in the race our members are excited to learn more about?

  • Is there a key Jewish role that needs to be played in the race? 

  • Does endorsing in this race set us up for our strategy in 2023, 2024, and beyond?


STEP TWO / Questionnaire & Interviews: The Jewish Vote Steering Committee will invite candidates for selected races to submit a questionnaire and join us for a candidate forum. Interviews will be held in several open fora and all dues-paying JFREJ members will be invited to participate.


Voting: After questionnaires have been submitted and interviews completed, members will deliberate and then vote in a straw poll on the endorsement. To vote in our process, you must be a JFREJ member in good standing, participate in interviews, and affirm our endorsement principles. The results of the vote will go to the steering committee of The Jewish Vote, which will send the final slate of proposed endorsements to the 2022 Endorsement Team.

STEP FOUR / 2022 Endorsement Team
: The 2022 Endorsement Team is the representative decision-making body for all 2022 candidate endorsements. After wider membership has conducted interviews and voted in straw polls, the 2022 Endorsement Team makes the final decision on our slate of endorsed candidates. All endorsements require a supermajority (7 out of 11) to be approved.


The above endorsements process is for new candidates. For incumbent endorsements, The Jewish Vote Steering Committee examines legislators’ records and determines if their votes and decisions while in office align with our principles.